WK 1 – Art Activity – Plaster Casting

I was thinking to myself when I left class on Wednesday, this project is going to be hard and I’m going to struggle. I watched the demo videos, and it made everything much clearer. I went out to buy the plaster yesterday, thinking I was going to waste so much money on the supplies, but really I already had most of them at home. I told my dad he had to go with me to the beach today, but he didn’t want to and asked me why didn’t I just go buy the sand at Home Depot. I told him I would do it at home, only if he bought the sand so he did. We bumped some Vicente Fernandez in the garage, and he told me to do both my feet and my hand but he was laughing at me because my feet are big and didn’t fit in the bucket.He wants to keep my hand as a memory. I had fun because I got to spend that little time I had today with him. He wanted to take pictures of everything but I was in my pajamas. It was an amazing experience and hope to do more things like this in this class!

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