WK 2 – Art Activity – Landscapes with a Corpse

When I think of death, I think of something that you don’t expect. I don’t think anyone wakes up with a negative attitude, believing something or even someone is going to kill them. I chose a car accident because this summer I was involved in one. I woke up in a very great mood, it was my day off from work, and as I’m driving to my friend’s house, a man pulls out of a shopping center and crashes right into me. Creating my death was pretty simple, but just to relive the incident in my head gave me anxiety. My little brother helped me take my photos, and I tried to remake my bruises and scars as closely as I could. I think back to this day and thank God, that it just wasn’t my turn to go.

P.S. My dad fixed the car himself and it looks just like it did before the accident.

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