WK 6 – Art Activity – Zine

This week’s activity was either a flipbook or a zine, and I chose a zine just because a flipbook limited my creativity since I knew I was just going to end up drawing stick figures. This was the first time I bound paper on my own, I’ll usually take it to Staples or some other office store. I decided to print pictures of me and my boyfriend out, and on each page, it contained a different picture and lyrics to songs that remind me of him, as well as songs that he has dedicated to me. It was a mixture of both Spanish and English songs. In the front of the zine, I wrote our initials in our favorite colors; red for his and purple for mine. I also put our date in roman numerals, and on the extra pages I had I drew hearts.  Overall I had a really fun time doing this project, and I want to keep it so I can give it to my boyfriend someday.

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