WK 8 – Classmate Conversation – Samantha Gomez


This is Samantha Gomez from my Art 110 class. She is a sophomore with an Undeclared major, but she is going to declare into the Kinesiology department. She loves to draw and especially loves going to Disneyland (she says she is obsessed with it). For the questions of the week, she believes the type of art that people should experience are typography, stop – motion and animation. She says yes she would be supportive of her child wanting to pursue an art career because it’s her child and she would want them to do what makes them happy. She also mentioned that she would like for them to have another job to receive funds so they can pursue their art career. It really bugged her that she had to move the apps around on her phone since she has them categorized, but overall we have most of the same apps. She clearly has way more than me since I don’t like to play games on my phone, usually just use my phone as a way to communicate with others. I’m not really active on social media. IMG_0221.jpg

Link to her website:


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