WK 11-Artist Conversation-Caryn Aasness


Exhibition Information

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Fiber, textile

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild

About the Artist

Caryn Aasness is currently attending California State University of Long Beach and is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Fiber Program. She is a senior, preparing to complete her BFA degree. Textiles have always been an interest of Caryn’s and is the reason why she decided to learn several techniques for weaving. Recently, about 2 years ago or so, was when she learned how to weave and she now creates her own pieces.

Formal Analysis

Caryn’s exhibition, which didn’t hold a name, included several pieces of fiber textile designs. All of the textiles were colorful including colors like brown, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue, white, and red. Some of the little squares embedded in the bigger ones, were thicker than the others. And on the side was a paper that showed where the letters were. On the biggest one, the center had a design that read “To Call it Cute is To Misunderstand.” There was coding outlined on a sheet of graph paper next to the textile piece.

Content Analysis

Between each textile design is a message embedded. The textiles that were noticeably thicker, represented a letter. On the side of each piece was a graph paper containing which one contained a letter. There were little statement in each of the textile designs. They represent some things from her childhood, like statements that she would hear at school while she was growing up. Some statements however have stronger meanings, than the others.


My first impression when I walked into the gallery, was that all of them were the same. I felt that the only noticeable difference was the size until I got closer to each piece. The first thing I noticed upon touching the piece, although I cringe touching art displays, was the thickness of some regions on the textile designs. I didn’t know what the thickness meant until speaking to Caryn and that she likes to do that to all art pieces.

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