WK 11 – Artist Conversation – Connor Obrien



Artist: Connor Obrien

Exhibition: Mentia

Media: Video

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: miliapictures.com

Connor Obrien is currently attending California State University of Long Beach and is an undergraduate student. He is a senior and is majoring in photography. He was inspired by his father’s illness to make an exhibition in regards to it.

Obrien’s piece is about his father who has dementia. He has been taking care of him for the past 6 years. The The video included the little things that his father had the ability to do with the illness he obtains. It was a very interesting piece of art because it was basically his everyday life, but in his eyes it was art.

It’s been very difficult for Connor to balance everything with school,  as well as caring for him. It’s also very difficult for him to keep personal relationships. He can’t really devote time and thought into other things. His dementia has gotten worse over time and he lost his memory very close to the time he was diagnosed. He doesn’t really speak and his answers are one worded. He had a mental breakdown one day and he tried to get physical, and tried to take his life as well.

I can relate to Obrien in a sense because last year my grandma had open heart surgery, and caring for her and balancing school work.  Aside from the fact that it was my senior year, my parents were rarely home to help me care for her, so she was basically my responsibility.


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