WK 15 – Artist Conversation – Sam Mederios and Ramona Gomes

This week’s conversation was a little different from the rest. In every gallery, there were selling something different. It was an art sale brought on by many different departments.  I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery first, because it grabbed my attention more than any of the others. I spoke a little bit with Sam Mederios which is graduating next semester, and Ramona Gomes who is graduating in 2020. Sam is majoring in Sculpture and wants to pursue a career in art later on in life. He wants to work in a shop and begin at a studio.  On the other hand, Ramona is majoring in Printmaking. Linoleum is her favorite form of carving, which is when you make a stencil out of a stamp and press the ink. She explained how wood cut works as well, and it’s where you carve the wood, and let the ink fall in the spaces. Sam made the chess board that you see in one of the images. It’s carved from wood and the pieces are made from weights. This sale happens once a year, and Ramona and Sam represent their program.

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