WK 15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting


The activity this week was fingerpainting, and it was very different from the other activities. I know the art is supposed to be mainly abstract but I did bright colors to represent good times and dark colors in the middle to represent the bad times my puppy had before he died this morning. It was pretty sad for me to do the activity, but I know my puppy is in a better place now, where he isn’t suffering. The activity was easier than the graffiti and other previous ones because it didn’t have to look a certain way. I feel like it related a little to the graffiti activity because it was also a bigger canvas, while other activities like the zine were smaller.

WK 15 – Artist Conversation – Sam Mederios and Ramona Gomes

This week’s conversation was a little different from the rest. In every gallery, there were selling something different. It was an art sale brought on by many different departments.  I walked into the Marilyn Werby Gallery first, because it grabbed my attention more than any of the others. I spoke a little bit with Sam Mederios which is graduating next semester, and Ramona Gomes who is graduating in 2020. Sam is majoring in Sculpture and wants to pursue a career in art later on in life. He wants to work in a shop and begin at a studio.  On the other hand, Ramona is majoring in Printmaking. Linoleum is her favorite form of carving, which is when you make a stencil out of a stamp and press the ink. She explained how wood cut works as well, and it’s where you carve the wood, and let the ink fall in the spaces. Sam made the chess board that you see in one of the images. It’s carved from wood and the pieces are made from weights. This sale happens once a year, and Ramona and Sam represent their program.

WK 14 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s activity included posting pictures on our Instagram, which I felt kind of weird because I only post like once a month, and to post 4 pictures in a day was different. I went through the Art 110 hashtag to see that many people posted different things like their pets, pictures of themselves, snapchat selfies, and many more miscellaneous pictures. It was fun to see that no one has to be a professional photographer to have beautiful photos. It seemed to be almost the same theme, even though it was different individuals.

WK 14 – Classmate Conversation – Hailei Reyes


This week I had the privilege to meet Hailei Reyes, another student in my Art 110 class. She is a 3rd year and her major is Food Science. She is 20 years old, and lives in West Hollywood. In her 3 years, she has commuted to Long Beach. She really enjoys watching Netflix and Sleeping. When I asked her what she thought college would be like in 2036, she said it would be different in the sense that there would be more use with technology, and less personal contact. She feels like everything would need to be turned in online, and there would be no use in paper. Also if we were to have class in an actual lecture hall, it would be like in Ned’s Declassified where the teacher is in front of the classroom, but seen through a webcam.

Link to her website: https://haileireyes.wordpress.com

WK 11 – Artist Conversation – Connor Obrien



Artist: Connor Obrien

Exhibition: Mentia

Media: Video

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: miliapictures.com

Connor Obrien is currently attending California State University of Long Beach and is an undergraduate student. He is a senior and is majoring in photography. He was inspired by his father’s illness to make an exhibition in regards to it.

Obrien’s piece is about his father who has dementia. He has been taking care of him for the past 6 years. The The video included the little things that his father had the ability to do with the illness he obtains. It was a very interesting piece of art because it was basically his everyday life, but in his eyes it was art.

It’s been very difficult for Connor to balance everything with school,  as well as caring for him. It’s also very difficult for him to keep personal relationships. He can’t really devote time and thought into other things. His dementia has gotten worse over time and he lost his memory very close to the time he was diagnosed. He doesn’t really speak and his answers are one worded. He had a mental breakdown one day and he tried to get physical, and tried to take his life as well.

I can relate to Obrien in a sense because last year my grandma had open heart surgery, and caring for her and balancing school work.  Aside from the fact that it was my senior year, my parents were rarely home to help me care for her, so she was basically my responsibility.


WK 11-Artist Conversation-Caryn Aasness


Exhibition Information

Artist: Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: N/A

Media: Fiber, textile

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: levelyellowproblemchild

About the Artist

Caryn Aasness is currently attending California State University of Long Beach and is an undergraduate student in the School of Art’s Fiber Program. She is a senior, preparing to complete her BFA degree. Textiles have always been an interest of Caryn’s and is the reason why she decided to learn several techniques for weaving. Recently, about 2 years ago or so, was when she learned how to weave and she now creates her own pieces.

Formal Analysis

Caryn’s exhibition, which didn’t hold a name, included several pieces of fiber textile designs. All of the textiles were colorful including colors like brown, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue, white, and red. Some of the little squares embedded in the bigger ones, were thicker than the others. And on the side was a paper that showed where the letters were. On the biggest one, the center had a design that read “To Call it Cute is To Misunderstand.” There was coding outlined on a sheet of graph paper next to the textile piece.

Content Analysis

Between each textile design is a message embedded. The textiles that were noticeably thicker, represented a letter. On the side of each piece was a graph paper containing which one contained a letter. There were little statement in each of the textile designs. They represent some things from her childhood, like statements that she would hear at school while she was growing up. Some statements however have stronger meanings, than the others.


My first impression when I walked into the gallery, was that all of them were the same. I felt that the only noticeable difference was the size until I got closer to each piece. The first thing I noticed upon touching the piece, although I cringe touching art displays, was the thickness of some regions on the textile designs. I didn’t know what the thickness meant until speaking to Caryn and that she likes to do that to all art pieces.

WK 11 – Classmate Conversation – Stephanie Valdivia


This week I got the pleasure to get to know Stephanie Valdivia. She is a second-year student at California State University of Long Beach and is studying criminal justice. She was born and raised in Anaheim, California. She works as a delivery driver at Papa John’s and is taking this course to fulfill a GE requirement. She believes that fan art is really nice and people have different artistic capabilities and that it’s cool how they’re inspired so much by one person and that they take the time to make art about their inspiration. She doesn’t believe that the artist who drew Demi made her look that skinny, and that Demi could have reacted in a wrong manner. Demi has always been vocal about body weight and her fans know this as well. She feels as though Demi should have taken time to at least thank the artist for drawing her.

WK 9 – Art Activity – Art Care Package


This week’s art activity, was an art care package, and I decided to send it to my boyfriend in Lynwood. Although he doesn’t live too far, it’s not next door to me and I can’t just walk outside and hand it to him. The package contains tickets to places we have been together, pictures we have taken together, and gifts he has given me throughout the course of our relationship. I also included the zine that I made a few weeks ago. It was really fun, and I thought it was funny how I was FaceTiming him when I mailed it out, and I’m FaceTiming him now as I’m writing this. The box is a shoe box of the shoes he bought me at Under Armour because I started my first day there this week. I also put in my Moon Child Glow Kit, and the rose and chocolates that he gave me when he first asked me to be his girlfriend. I know he’s going to give it back to me, but I loved the idea of sending him something, because he’s always the one to get me things.








WK 9 – Artist Conversation – Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel Bonilla Vera



Artist: Dalia Bañuelos and Daniel-Bonilla Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Installation/Graphics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery 

Website: dbvphotography.com

Instagram: @daliaeffect & @dbvqp

This week, I had the pleasure to observe not one, but two artists’ work. The work of art was done by Daniel-Bonilla Vera, and Dalia Bañuelos, however I only got the chance to speak to Daniel.He is from Central Valley and moved here to attend college.  He is a senior at California State University of Long Beach. He is an Undergraduate Studio Art Major, wanting to pursue a career in photography. Both individuals were rejected from the BFA program, and I feel like this pushed them to show their exhibition. Daniel found out later on Wednesday if he made it, unfortunately Dalia was rejected both times. 

They took the rejection really hard, which is the reason why they decided to show their exhibition. Both individuals are really proud of their work so they wanted to display it. The art was a mixture of installation and graphics. What really caught my attention, was that all the images were joined by one single strand of yarn, and if it was cut at any location, the whole exhibition would fall. I was shocked at how realistic the bodies on the floor appeared.The trash can depicted a deeper meaning than what appeared. A trash can was in the corner, and all the images connected, lead to the trashcan which is where “they belonged”.

I feel like I have been in both Dalia and Daniel’s position of rejection. I’ve been rejected at several jobs because of my previous appearance before I lost weight. A lot of what people believe is “beautiful” or “normal” is because of what society believes it is defined as. I believe both individuals had gorgeous pieces of work in the exhibition, and I feel like they should have been in the BFA program with such pieces.


WK 8 – Classmate Conversation – Samantha Gomez


This is Samantha Gomez from my Art 110 class. She is a sophomore with an Undeclared major, but she is going to declare into the Kinesiology department. She loves to draw and especially loves going to Disneyland (she says she is obsessed with it). For the questions of the week, she believes the type of art that people should experience are typography, stop – motion and animation. She says yes she would be supportive of her child wanting to pursue an art career because it’s her child and she would want them to do what makes them happy. She also mentioned that she would like for them to have another job to receive funds so they can pursue their art career. It really bugged her that she had to move the apps around on her phone since she has them categorized, but overall we have most of the same apps. She clearly has way more than me since I don’t like to play games on my phone, usually just use my phone as a way to communicate with others. I’m not really active on social media. IMG_0221.jpg

Link to her website: